Volunteer Jobs

Volunteers are the backbone of our organization.

Visit our Center and get hooked. Join our community of caring. Join in with a fabulous group of people working for a common cause - the beauty of what a horse can do for a human.

Volunteer Handbook
student working with a horse.

Working Student

We need an energetic, hardworking, horse oriented, older teen or adult to help maintain the horses and equipment for our therapeutic program. Benefits to you are learning barn management, facility management, therapeutic riding instruction, working with school horses, and improving on your own riding skills. Great Opportunity for someone who loves kids and horses.

Working Student Brochure
young child witha pony smiling.

Young Child Barn Buddy

Be a barn buddy for one of our little ones with special needs. Under the supervision of the Director and within the framework of our working horse facility, explore the wonders of the barn together. Join in on group activities. Give Mom and Dad a much needed break and in return get the joy of making a difference to a young child. Children are ages 2 through 6. Our little ones have varying needs and all are precious.

trail ride

Elementary Aged Child Adventure Guide

Be an adventure guide for a child with special needs. Under the supervision of the Director and within the framework of our working horse facility, explore the world of horses together. The barn is a hustling and bustling place where there is action, interaction and lots of things to learn and do. Make a difference in a child's life. All our children have unique needs and need unique Adventure Guides. Come and join the fun and community spirit and help a wonderful child grow.

three teens on a white fence right outside our overhead arena

Teen Mentor

Be a teen mentor for one of our teens with special needs. Our teen mentors work under the supervision of the Director and work within the framework of our working horse facility. Mentors help facilitate communication and integration of the teen into the barn environment. Help the teen with barn chores, grooming horses, turning out horses, bringing horses in, feeding, homework help. Teens are full of fun and life.

group of young adult painting

Young Adult Activities Leader

Work with one of our young adults with special needs to integrate into our barn community. Under the supervision of the Director help with interaction and communication; Help facilitate communication, activities and barn chores. Work on vocational skills, computer skills, organizational skills. If you don't already know how to drive a small tractor, learn with your young adult! Drive lunch and dinner to the lower paddocks (hay for the horses of course!). The focus is on fun and community.

young adult caring for horse

Horse Care Facilitator

Assist with horse care including blanketing, unblanketing, turnout, bring horses in, feed, and feed management.

our indoor facility

Horse Facility Management

Horse barn, stable and paddock maintenance. Fix fences, gates, scrape paddocks with tractor.

teacher with kids doing some gardening


Design, develop and teach various subjects from the arts to science to horsemanship. Teach what you've always wanted to teach.

group of young adults that helped out with our programs


Use your fabulous skills helping those that truly need you! Bring your love of horses and children to create a fabulous medium for therapy.

picture of staff leading a horse with rider.

General Office

Answer phones, give tours of the facility, run errands, copy forms and brochures, maintain bulletin boards and info binders.

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